April 11, 1826

Doings of the first annual town meeting held in the house of Josiah 
Upson in the town of Port Bay on the 11th day of April 1826 agreeable
to an Act of the Legislature of  New York State. There being no Justice 
and no Town Clerk it was voted by a majority of the meeting that 
Norman Sheldon preside. 
        First by ballot was elected Norman Sheldon as supervisor. 
        Second by ballot was elected Elisha Benjamin as Town Clerk. 
        Wareham Sheldon, Spencer Chapin, Jebediah Wilder as Assessors. 
        Ira Smith as Collector. 
        Josiah Upson and Simeon Bessell as Overseers of the Poor. 
        Alanson Jones, Simeon Bissell, John Frasier as Commissioners 
                           of the Highways. 
        Ira Smith, Arad Talcott, Benjamin Parker as Constables. 
        Spencer Chapin and Wareham Sheldon Commissioners of 
                           Common Schools. 
        Elisha Benjamin, Ebenezer Jones as Inspector of Common Schools. 
It was voted that every path master be fence viewer and that Steven Cady 
be Pound Master. 
It was voted that double the some of money drawn from the state be 
raised for the support of Common Schools. 
It was voted that money be raised to procure necessary blank books for 
the town and to survey the town lines. 
It was voted to adjourn the meeting until the first Tuesday of April next 
(1827) then to be opened at the schoolhouse near Hyde's Corner. 

                                                                                  Elisha Benjamin. 
                                                                                  Town clerk. 

                    Copied from a typed transcript of the original minute book prepared 
                                                  by a previous (unknown) town historian.

While typing this I wondered about a few positions. 

Path Master - one whose job it is to maintain the public roads and paths.
Fence Viewer - a town official who administers fence laws,  inspects new fences, 
and settles disputes arising from trespass by livestock that have escaped the enclosure.
Pound Master - a town official responsible for the care and feeding of wayward 
livestock, and to locate the animal's owner.  
This official's duties did not include control of cats and dogs.